angelique heidler

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This Tragedy w/Ginny on Frederick + Fonda

Material Art Fair w/Shivers Only

BAITBALL (01) w/Ginny on Frederick + Like A Little Disaster

Expo Citrouille 2019 w/Calaboose

Fun/Run w/ Lechodesvagues

Les Carnets de la Création

Heidler Mailaender w/Galerie Derouillon

On ne sait plus quoi penser du serpent qui a peur w/ Galerie l'Inlassable

Outside Our w/Bourse Revelations Emerige

Sinkhole Project w/Ginny

Interview for The Editorial Magazine w/Danica Pinteric

The Unlimited Dream Company w/Hannah Barry Gallery

Shivers Only /w Shivers Only

You see me like a UFO w/Marcelle Joseph Projects

Interview for YngSpc w/Kate Mothes

The Dark Ages w/Supplement

Torre Latino